Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tangled uP :: Alterism as Tony Marini

Tangled uP
Alterism as Tony Marini
Chasealias DS Pollack
Jersey barrierS

Tangled uP, 2014  Alterism and Gonzo Journalism by
Chase Alias as Tony Marini in
Jersey barrierS, an Exploration of Self Imposed Limitations.

How many of us spend most of our free time worried about what other people think about us.  Society does set very high standards for many things but these standards and limits are not overtly imposed.

Rather the populis of our culture is swayed by an extremely subversive and manipulative system.  However once you spend the time and effort to analyze oneself rather than criticizing others the years of backwards morals and pushy cultural perspectives stops having much importance.

The idea that a person must learn to think like a child is semantically impossible.  But the practice of understanding oneself enough to control and overcome our inhibitions is a wonderful gift.

Hopefully everyone, all of society, will unwrap this gift. Well,  I discovered that in order to begin shopping for such a rare personal gift I need to focus on being present.


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