Friday, October 17, 2014

It all began while working series called ....

It all began while working series called "What We Found on 

Craigslist..." -Chase Alias

  "I try to see myself as a sacrifice, just to show the kids they ain't the only ones who up at night."    

 -Kid Cudi

So I was on one of the online hookup services. I can't remember which one. And I was feelin' very feisty. A ding came from my computer and I opened the instant messenger box:

You are now chatting with thatonekid22.
>> wats good
thatonekid22: nothin much really home u
>> workin
thatonekid22: really
thatonekid22: damn
thatonekid22: where
>> here
>> online
>> manhunt
>> adam 4 adam
>> craigslist
thatonekid22: oooo
>> ya dig
>> and you
thatonekid22: nothin rly home
>> wat u lookin for
thatonekid22: idk just little fun
thatonekid22: yourself
>> lets talk mor bout u
>> wat r u really into
>> wat kinda fun?
thatonekid22: rimming kissing massage u know eevrything lol like getting fucked only sometimes
thatonekid22: u
>> I do anything it takes, ya dig
>> do you
>> what do yoy do for work?
thatonekid22: i dig
thatonekid22: and just workin for my friends archideck company
thatonekid22: well his dads
thatonekid22: for now
>> do you love your wprk?
>> and do you makea ton of money?
>> and do you work when you want?
thatonekid22: eh its alright and sorta not rly
thatonekid22 has closed his IM window.

Please hold while we ask thatonekid22 if he'd like to chat with you.
You are now chatting with thatonekid22.
thatonekid22 has closed his IM window.
You are now chatting with thatonekid22.
thatonekid22: heyy
thatonekid22: sorry
>> its ok
>> so you ever thought about another kind of job?
thatonekid22: yeah
thatonekid22: but im in school still so
thatonekid22: college
>> Thats good Kid
>> Stay in school
thatonekid22: yeaaa
thatonekid22: you
>> \Im glad I didn't
thatonekid22: stay in school?
>> yup
>> yup
thatonekid22: why
>> If I had stayed in school I wouldn't be where I am today
thatonekid22: ooo and u like wat u do
thatonekid22: wat do u do again
>> I am an artist
thatonekid22: oooo niceee
>> and you my young friend have just become my newest piece of art
thatonekid22: thank you

The Image is what thatonekid22 was responding to when we connected online,  the I M conversation really occurred between him and Chase.  The concept to combine the image and conversation just happened.
"Who I M" is a story of Chase Alias and his adventures online in Gay chatrooms.  Something that has become a ubiquitous part of our community. 

Immersion Artist, David Pollack, who creates characters like Chase Alias, is well aware of the ever-present opportunity to create a "mimesis" with his works. Mimesis,  It is the imitation or representation of aspects of the sensible world, especially human actions, in literature and art. 

Who I M Series, 2010 - 2014,
Affective Memory Screen Capture
by Immersionist Chase Alias,
includes Instant Message Conversations.

Signed on front right, #ChaseAlias 2014
Signed on back, D Pollack 2014

Digital Res 32 Bit
29 x 36 inches
Limited to a Unique High Quality Print with signature #Chase Alias on front
plus Link to Full Digital File 

Original Work Available at

  •  January 19, 2014
  •  February 1, 2014

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