Wednesday, June 5, 2013

one hundred and forty eight /365

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may 28, 2013

I took in the Vivian Maier exhibition in Chicago when I was there last week. To say she is a photography hero would be a bit of an understatement. It was pretty wild to stand in front of her photos instead of looking at them on a screen, and I think I stood in one spot for far too long, far too often, in quiet reverence.

The exhibit was a lot smaller than I'd hoped, but it made up for it by featuring complete rolls of developed film plastered around the perimeter of the room. That was ridiculously cool - to see frame by frame how she approached a subject until she got the shot she wanted. Not something we see with digital (except for our own), and very interesting to get inside her process a bit.

Steven saw an exhibition of her work previously and he described it along the lines of "simultaneously totally inspiring and made me want to give up all at once"... Yeah. That sounds about right.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Idea Machine

The Idea Machine by Chase Alias :)(:
The Idea Machine, a photo by Chase Alias :)(: on Flickr.

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The Idea Machine from Endogenous Series, 2010-2012

The Medium is not the Message, the idea brcomes the machine that makes the art. #chasealias

David S Pollack aka Chase Alias hopes to bring to light with his new Endogenous Series how backwards moving our cultural standards have become. As an Immersionist he look back in envy at the freedoms which artists used to be able to express themselves without having to worry about cultural and even legal action being taken against them.

Immersionism is a young art movement which combines Lewittian Conceptualism with Method Acting practices and principles. Stanislavsky and Strasberg Acting Methods which utilize sense memory and affective memory are an Immersionist's base. Lewittian Conceptualism adheres to the ideal that the medium is not the message, the idea becomes a machine that makes the art.

HDR Video Still form an HD Video Screen Capture, Originally Filmed with an HD Flip Camera